Concrete5 Theme Update: Popular Epic Theme Now Available for C5 5.7

The long time popular Concrete5 theme by the name of Epic is now available for Concrete5 version 5.7 websites.  This theme, developed by the website design artisans at Pixo, is slightly updated, but still has all of the features that has made it the chosen theme of the restaurant chains, small and large businesses. The previous version of the theme can be viewed at  A new beta website for the 5.7 version will be coming soon.

The modern design of Epic, coupled with a great deal of flexibility now gains the powerful new tools found in Concrete5 5.7.  Concrete5 themes built prior to Concrete5 5.7 are not compatible with the newest versions of Concrete5 which requires some modifications for the themes.  The new theme is still a fully responsive design that is mobile friendly, but has additional animation effects in the header area that adds even more appeal to the design.

If you would like to use the Epic theme on your Concrete5 CMS website, drop us a note.  You will be shocked how inexpensive this amazing theme will be and how it can enhance your brand and drive new business.  Contact us to get started with Epic.

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