Keeping the Focus in Your Website Design

Every so often we have a client that, with the best intentions, loses their focus for their website design.  What typically happens is that they get to close to the details and as a result lose the big picture.  When this happens, the development of the website tends to go on longer than anticipated and as an online marketing consultant, we have to remind the client of their original goals.

Perfection is always our ultimate goal when it comes to building a new website.  That is just in our DNA and what we have come to expect of ourselves at Pixo.  However, you wouldn’t think it, but there are lots of different types of perfection.  In web design perfection is where a website is done within the original scope, achieves or exceeds its goals, drives business, is within budget, has an eye to the future and is something that the client is proud of months after the project is completed.  Perfection is not minutia, although it may have some minutia in it. 

Sometimes a client is making a color a half shades different here or there, moving things over a pixel here and there and a dozen other little things like that.  At some point you have to take a step back and ask, “How many percentage points will these changes increase business or accomplish the websites business goals?”  If you can honestly answer that question than decisions being made during the design and development process will be laser focused and strategic.  If the honest answer can’t have a value put to it, then maybe it should be discarded. 

At the end of the day, the website typically isn’t for the business owner, but for their customers and potential customers.  In most cases that means that the website isn’t exactly “perfect” for the business owner, but instead perfect for their customers.   If a potential customer instantly connects with a website when they first arrive at the site and that drives business than the business owner will love the website.  That is why previously we said that for the website should be “something that the client is proud of months after the project is completed” and not when the website is completed.  If a website doesn’t drive business, even if the client loves it, that love relationship will end pretty quickly.  But if a website accomplishes or exceeds its goals, that love relationship will endure forever.

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