Kudos to Concrete5 Team for a New 5.6 Release

The concrete5 team made a touch decision about 1 1/2 years ago when they decided to change directions with the release of Concrete5 5.7.  Since you cannot upgrade a 5.6 site to 5.7 to some it kind of felt like they had been abandoned the community with the change in architecture for Concrete5.  Although 5.7 brings many features that improve Concrete5 it made for a bit of difficult transition for many.

I'm pressed however that the Concrete5 team hasn't abandoned 5.6.  With the release of this last week a number of new bug fixes are now available.  We would recommend to anyone using 5.6 to upgrade to this latest release on their website.  It would be easy for the Concrete5 team to move on with 5.7 and not look back to 5.6, but there have been a couple of new releases to 5.6 since the launch of 5.7 and we commend Concrete5 for that.  Those are the kinds of things you do however when you are building a great community.

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