How Analytics Teamed with Great Design Can Increase Page Views by 18% Overnight

I like to take a look at analytics on a regular basis for our search engine optimization clients to see what users are doing when they get to the site.  Having great rankings in Google is important, but if you aren't converting those site visitors it doesn't really matter what your rankings are if those people aren't converting to business.  Too often I see SEO companies show great ranking numbers, but not focus on what is really important to business owners which is driving revenues.

Recently I took a look at one of our clients analytics reports who has great rankings but noticed something that I had suspected since they launched a redesigned website.  Although we built the redesign we did not design the pages and early in the design process I expressed some concerns about how the homepage was being designed from a user interface aspect.  The ecommerce site had category boxes that were artistically nice to look at but weren't labeled so it made it difficult to guess from the pictures what category was being represented by each box.  The designers and site owner didn't agree with the issues that we pointed out so we gave them what they asked for.

A while after launch I looked at the bounce rate for the homepage and it was about 20+% higher than that kind of website should have.  A bounce rate is a percentage of site visitors that come to one page of the website and then leaves the site.  I brought those numbers back to our client and walked him though what the numbers where saying and then reminded him of my earlier concerns about the user interface on the homepage.  Immediately the site owner realized what was going on and asked for a mockup of a new homepage design which we quickly implemented. 

A week later we compared the analytics for the website for the last week to the previous week and it was night and day.  We saw a dramatic drop in the bounce rate for the homepage and an 18% increase in page views on the website.  Obviously if you are getting users to the homepage and they are just leaving you are missing out on a lot of business.  Even great looking websites, with professional looking designs can have room for improvement that can give you big results.

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