Why 9News Chose MileHighMamas.com when Talking About Mommy Blogging

This morning Denver's 9News did a featured story on how to make money doing mommy blogging.  Some mom's make a great income from blogging, but they are the exception.  Really mommy blogging isn't about an income for most.  Pixo's Amber Johnson will tell you that most of the big name mommy bloggers became such not as part of a strategic plan, but they fell into it.  They started blogging because they had a passion that they wanted to share or they just needed an outlet.  Some moms will tell you that they did it on a whim and to their amazement they got a following.  Regardless of that, mommy blogs are highly loved sources of entertainment, emotion, information and friendship.

9News approached Amber about doing this segment last week.  She has had long standing relationships with newspaper and television outlets for years, partially because of her own popular blog but mostly because of milehighmamas.com, the largest and most popular mommy blogging community in Colorado.  Mile High Mamas was the brain child of Amber a number of years ago and has had partnerships with some of the largest media outlets in Colorado.  On milehighmamas.com moms share their feelings, give great baby tips, share product reviews, give great family travel ideas and cherish everything about being a mom and a woman.  There are blog posts that will make you laugh and others that really pull at your heart strings.

We are very proud to be part of the mommy blogging community and for being a recognized leader in mommy blogging in Denver as well as helping business communicate to moms some of the great services they have to offer families.  Very proud of Amber and the great job she did on 9News today and every day on milehighmamas.com.

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