What Business Owners Can Learn from 5 Star Service at the Broadmoor Resort

Feb 25, 2016

If you aren’t familiar with the Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs then you’re in for a real treat on your first visit. Often referred to as the ‘Grande Dame of the American West,’ for nearly 100-years have invited guests to partake of its luxury. For 55-years it has enjoyed a Forbes 5-star rating and on your visit you’ll know why.

For nearly five years, Pixo has been had the privilege to do social media campaigns with and write articles for its in-room magazine. On each trip I love looking at what makes the place special. From time to time, Pixo does social media campaigns with a number of different resorts and all are amazing in their own way, but for us, the Broadmoor just seems to be a step above. Because of this I’ve enjoyed trying to put my finger on what sets them apart and apply that to our own practice. Luxury for luxury’s sake doesn’t make something special. Actually, if you are paying a good dime for “luxury” accommodations and the service doesn’t meet the price tag, it can be more infuriating and not less.

The one common denominator that I’ve been able to crucible down the Broadmoor to can be summarized into two words: they care. As an organization, you see if from top to bottom and it is expressed in their language and their actions.

For example, one evening we had some time and decided to go to an outdoor fire pit. Some kids, about the same age as my kids, were roasting marshmallows on the fire as the adults with the kids talked with one another. One gentleman started talking with us and asked if our kids would also like to roast some marshmallows. Our kids immediately exclaimed yes so the gentleman said, “I’ll take care of it.” I was a little embarrassed because all of the stuff was just a bit away, but the gentleman purchased everything and then proceeded to personally take care of getting the marshmallows ready for the fire for each of my children.

We thanked the gentleman and then proceeded to strike up a conversation with him. About half-way through the conversation I asked him what he did for work and he very casually mentioned he was the CEO of Broadmoor properties and prior to that he was the president of the resort. I was blown away. The service that we were just rendered was the same type of service that we had been rendered at all levels of the resort. I could instantly appreciate how everything started at the top at the Broadmoor and then cascaded down.

You can’t walk across the beautiful grounds of the Broadmoor without walking past a staff member and they either saying hi or asking if they can help you. If you get room service the common last question you are asked, “Is everything perfect?” If a problem arises, which doesn’t happen often, a staff member will make their best effort to reasonably rectify the problem.

How much do those things cost the Broadmoor to do? Very little, in comparison to the return. Could a Holiday Inn or Ramada employee do the same things? Absolutely. Could it be applied to your organization? If it starts with you, then it can be started today.

Does this kind of service translate to a website design? Without question. A website should be informative, easy to navigate and most importantly inviting. If you go to the Pixo homepage, it is not by accident that in large letters, in the middle of the page it invites, “How may we help you?” We challenge ourselves every day to make very affordable websites with five star service.

I think one of the things I’m most proud of since founding Pixo is the number of referrals we get from our clients. It is an amazing experience to have someone give you a call saying that they needed a website and such and such friend said they should use their web designer and to give us a call. That is one of the ways we gauge success at Pixo. Let us know what we can do for you.

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