What to Do When Your Website Hosting is Terminated or You Need to Recover Old Pages

Jul 22, 2016

I've seen it too many times before where a website owner didn't pay their hosting bill and their website was suspended or deleted, or a web designer won't give them access to their website or they accidentally deleted something on their website that they shouldn't have. How do you recover that old website after it is gone?

The answer to this is fairly easy in most cases. You use the Wayback Machine. What is the WayBack Machine? It is an initiative that crawls and copies websites randomly though out a year, grabbing the HTML and image files on a site. You can literally find the dates that a site was crawled and typically so the way the site looked on that day. If your website has been deleted or you need something from your website that hasn't existed on the site for a long time, the Wayback Machine gives you a way to recover those items.

Many times we have helped a client whose email address had updated and as a result they didn't get the bill from their hosting provider and as a result their website got deleted due to lack of payment recover their site. The Wayback Machine does not copy databases. They just copy pages, so an entire Wordpress or Concrete5 install can't be recovered, but the pages and template of your website can often be recovered if they crawled all of your sites pages.

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