Case Study: How One Pixo Client's Small Online Investment Paid Big Dividens

Aug 08, 2016

Recently a Pixo client was looking to take their website to another level. Problem was that they didn't know what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. They just knew that if there were additional opportunities that they wanted to take advantage of them. They were already using Pixo's Advanced Search Engine Optimization services to rank highly on Google and the other search engines for their chosen keywords. As a matter-o-fact, they were in the top 3 positions on Google for over 27 keywords. Their website was a bit older however and they did not have a mobile-friendly website so immediately we knew what they could do to rank even better and drive additional traffic.

According to a report by Google last week, for the first time, 60% of all searches are now done on mobile devices. That meant that there were multiple opportunities for this client to gain more exposure, drive more traffic to their website and increase conversions by giving their users the ultimate user experience on mobile devices. We started talking to this client about making their concrete5 website responsive. Responsive websites have the ability to detect when a user is on tablet or mobile phone device and then adapt so that they can easily read text, view photos and most importantly navigate the website. A great user experience can reduce bounce rates and increase page views by keeping the user longer on the website because they can easily navigate to what they are looking for.

What many website owners don't know is that not only do mobile-friendly websites increase conversions by keeping the user on the site, but also by driving more traffic. When you do a search on Google from a mobile device, Google purposefully shows mobile-friendly sites at the top of the search results. If your website is not mobile friendly, you probably aren't being found by potential customers searching on mobile devices.

So what was the result for this client just three weeks after we converted their website to a mobile-friendly design? Mobile users went up by 19%, mobile average session duration went up 54% and pages per session for mobile users went up 16%. Pretty impressive numbers. How much does it cost to make a website responsive? Let's say that the average website would probably cost less than $425 to make it responsive with most around $350. If you could increase traffic by 16% how long would it take for you to pay off that investment? For most businesses, probably almost over night.

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