Concrete5 Websites for Fortune 500 Companies

Dec 19, 2017

Years ago I used to be asked about enterprise level content management using the concrete5 CMS. I don't hear those questions quite as much anymore. The U.S. Army uses concrete5 to manage content across all of their garrisons websites. Pixo has managed a Fortune 500 companies websites for years. All of 100+ sites all run on the concrete5 CMS. They chose concrete5 because of the flexibility it gives them to manage a number of different things as well as low level training required for their different entities to manage their websites.

For that same Fortune 500 company, we've launched 31 new websites in just two weeks for the client. Many of these websites are relatively large, but the tools in concrete5 allow us to easily setup new sites, add content and push the sites live in a relatively short amount of time.

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Category: Website Design