Trick to Getting Your Website to Page #1 on Google for Local "Near Me" Searches

Aug 14, 2017

Local searches on mobile devices are growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall. If your business wants local traffic, this is a quick little search engine optimization (SEO) trick you can use to get your page on page #1 of Google for a local search. Simply add the text "near me" on a page that is optimized for local searches. So, let's say you are a website design agency that has two main local pages. One is optimized for Denver and Arvada website development and the other is optimized for Park City and Heber City website development. On each of those page simply (and appropriately) add the text "near me" on the page. Preferably close to where you mention your location or city. Why? Because a growing phrase that is getting used more and more for local searches is "near me."

For example, someone in Park City, Utah might type in "website developer near me" into Google. Or someone might type in "Denver website designer near me" when someone wants a local website developer to work with. Adding "near me" as a phrase to your pages can help you get found on Google local searches. Give it a try. Want more tips? Talk with our experts. If this will increase your click-through rate by 81%, just think how our other SEO tricks will do for your website.