Case Study: Website Redesign, Adwords & SEO to Revitalize a Denver Business

Aug 28, 2017

Almost two months ago we were contracted by a well established Denver/Arvada business that was looking to revitalize their online presence. By their own admittance, there website had been neglected some and where they use to get new leads on a regular basis they were getting none.

We did a review of their business goals and their online marketing and immediately found fixable problems. An outside service (yellow pages) was doing their Google Adwords campaign, which was poorly designed and over priced. We immediately rebuilt that and the client notified us that immediately they started seeing leads from it. We then conceptualized a new website to build their brand, improve their mobile presence and renew search engine optimization efforts. Their previous website use to rank, but had fallen behind the times and as a result wasn't showing up as well in the search engines as it once did. The new website was an immediate success with additional leads coming from the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They literally, in a month's time, went from mediocre visibility in Google, to being on page #1 of Google for 91% of their keywords that we are optimizing.

What was their return on investment (ROI)? From what they were saving in costs to their former Adwords service provider it will nearly pay for their website in the first six months. Not to mention the significant increase in business that has come from their updated Adwords campaign and their new website is having a substantial impact on their business. Needless to say, we've found a good new friend in Denver.

Could your business need an online revitalization? Or are you starting a new business and need website consulting, design and development services? Let us show you what we can do for you.

Category: Online Marketing