Giant Pumpkins & Website Design?

Sep 22, 2017

When we aren't working hard, we play hard. And BIG. For ten years how we've grown giant pumpkins in the Pixo garden. We have fun here. This year we are hoping the pumpkin will be over 1,000 pounds. The picture below is not Photoshopped (if it was Photoshopped we would have made it even bigger--lol).

giant-pumpkin.jpgHow do you grow a pumpkin that big? You start with the right seed, understand your environment, prep the soil with organic matter, water, fertilize, bury the vines and do lots of research on all of the previous items. Growing a world class giant pumpkin isn't that much different than building a world-class website. There are lots of pieces that drive big results. If you understand the pieces and how they interact with each other you can manipulate and optimize them to get something that is jaw dropping.

If you would like to learn how to grow a giant pumpkin or how to get a website that drives results for your business, drop us a note.

Category: Website Design