The Best Content Length for EVERYTHING

Dec 06, 2018

Often times people ask what the best length is for blog posts, page content, homepage content, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. The simple answer: what are you trying to do with that content? Different needs require different applications. But there are good averages to shoot for that studies have found tend to get the strongest engagement.

Studies Show Ideal Content Length For:

  • Tweets: 100 characters is the engagement sweet spot
  • Facebook Post: 40-45 characters
  • Page Headline: 3-6 words
  • Paragraph Width: 40-55 characters
  • Blog Post: this varies by topic, but a good average is 1,500-1,600 words
  • Email Subject: 25-40 characters
  • Title Tag Length: 55 characters (this although is for visible text for users and not for SEO)
  • Best length for a Domain Name: 8 characters (although the best domains match your business

Again, these are general guidelines that give you a target. Is some content super successful outside of these averages? Absolutely. Depending on your goals, audience, how technical and design, you may want to go outside the norm. Need some help figuring out what might be best for you? Contact us at 720.334.7496.

Category: Social Media