Website Design for Life Insurance Agents & Agencies

Mar 19, 2018

Some of the best website design work I think we've done in the last three years has been done for life insurance agents and agencies. I'm not just talking about design, but about some really cutting edge stuff that allows and agent or an agency to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. We've done some sites that found some truly niche markets that drove real revenue and did it without breaking the bank. I think that is one of the great things about the concrete5 content management system, is we are can deliver a site with lower cost, with a ton of functionality that allows business owners, marketers and agents to make real-time changes on their site that to stay ahead of market demands and allows a website to be a real marketing tool.

What makes a Great Life Insurance Website?

  • Great user interface design can sometimes have a dramatic impact on business. Last week we made one simple change on a website that the business owner later reported made a 12% change in the number of leads on the website. If you were to have seen the change before and after you probably never would have guessed it would have made that dramatic of an impact. But often times it is the little things on a website that determine if it is effective for your business.
  • A website that is search engine optimized is a website that can found in the search engine for the keywords that your customers are typing into Google when they want life insurance. Is your business being found? Not only that, but is it converting when you are found. Doing the things on your website and off of your website that builds your visibility in the search engines is part of what can make an impactful website.
  • A website that allows you to connect with your stakeholders in meaningful ways and makes you the resource for life insurance is a website that drives business. What if you could make your website the center of business for not only customers, but agents and other industry leads? What kind of impact could that have on your business? You may say, "I'm just a small business, how can I do that?" Sometimes you don't have to be everything to everyone. What you just have to do is have a unique proposition that you can own and make yourself the industry leader for that space. By doing so, you build a community around you and use the community find new prospects.
  • Make sure your website is utilizing the technology that allows your website to be friendly across all devices. 50% of all search done on Google are done on mobile devices. If your users aren't having the ultimate user experience while on a mobile device on your website those users may be bouncing. Make sure users get the best experience on mobile.

These are just a few of the things to consider when creating a life insurance website. How can we help you with your website? Let us bounce a few ideas off of you. Contact us at 720.334.PIXO (7496).