68% of Consumers Says that Local Businesses Should have a Blog

Apr 13, 2018

We've said it for a while, but a recent study confirms it. Consumers were asked if they thought a local business should have a blog? 68% of respondents said they should. When asked what type of information they wanted to see on that blog, the following was their reply:

  1. Help and ‘How To’ guides
  2. Local news / events
  3. Company news
  4. Product news and reviews
  5. Case studies
  6. Industry trends / predictions

Ask any good search engine optimization professional if a website should have a blog and the answer would be yes (if it is a good one). Blogs give you a great way to talk about products, services and current events in ways that you can't always do on a regular website. Think of Home Depot. Lots and lots of products listed. But Home Depot should be going after people who are Do it Yourselfers (DIY). How do you go after someone who is typing into Google "How to build a deck" if all you have are product pages on the site? How to blog posts can be a great to create landing pages for different types of searches on a website. Blog posts should be easy to read, concise, useful, insightful and unique. There are lots of different blog posts on different topics, so you need to find niches where you can stand out with your blog posts.

Social media is a great way to get noticed. The problem with social media is it has no shelf life. Blog posts can allow you a way to attract new business and those posts can be found on the search engines for years to come. A great way to build local SEO, when done correctly.

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