Enterprise Level Multi-site Content Management System (CMS) with Concrete5

Jun 12, 2018

You may or may not be familiar with the award-winning concrete5 content management system (CMS). It is easy (or easier) to use than Wordpress and as good for development (or better) than Drupal. One of the latest features in concrete5 is multi-site content management. Basically the ability to manage multiple sites from a single installation. This works well for small businesses that need to manage multiple location websites, government agencies or for a large enterprise with a large number of high trafficked websites with individual needs.

The latest release of multi-site includes such features as the following:

  • Manage multiple websites from a single concrete5 install.
  • Force content updates across all or some sites in the network.
  • Suggest content updates across all or some sites in the network.
  • Allow for centrally and locally managed content to appear in any way.
  • Share content between sites.
  • Workflow & messaging for collaborating on the sites.
  • Add or remove sites easily.
  • Base a site on more than one site starting point (skeleton).
  • Open source

Recently the US Army signed a multi-year deal with concrete5 to be their prefered content management solution for their multi-site needs. This long term investment by the army will ensure more improvements in functionality in concrete5 for years to come.

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