Selling Online in 2019: Wix vs Wordpress vs Amazon vs Shopify vs Concrete5

Sep 25, 2018

Are you looking to selling products online for your business? Confused with the myriad of options to choose from when it comes to ecommerce platforms? Here is a quick list of things to consider when making your options:

  • Wix is easy to use and fairly inexpensive, but it is somewhat limiting. Particularly if you ever need to make enhancements to your website that outside of what functionality that Wix gives to you. Basically you don't have access to the source code, so you are somewhat limited to make integrations or custom changes to the website.
  • Wordpress has many popular ecommerce add-ons including Woocommerce that allows for a fairly robust shopping platform. Some people are big fans of Wordpress and others seem to struggle with the tools to manage the ecommerce. The strength of Wordpress is that here are a lot of different plugins to give you access to a lot of different functionality and you have access to the source code for custom enhancements.
  • Amazon is a massive shopping platform and putting your products on Amazon gives you access to millions of shoppers. The downside to Amazon is that they don't give you control of your customers and you have to follow their rules. Basically you sell products on Amazon, but they are Amazon's customer, so opportunities are limited.
  • Shopify is a powerful shopping platform that is very customizable. Shopify gives you the ability to create a robust shopping experience. The downside is it is a little more complicated to use than other options and it is a little more costly.
  • The concrete5 CMS is a popular platform that many users find easier to use than Wordpress and some comparable options. Concrete5's ecommerce shopping cart system is good for small to medium sized businesses ecommerce needs. The cost is very low and the code is easily extensible, but the system is not as robust as a Shopify and doesn't have as many extensions as a WooCommerce.

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