Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Benefits in a New Business World & Website User Experiences

Nov 07, 2019

We are living in a new era of artificial intelligence computing power (also called AI) and machine learning that is going to affect your business. New algorithms have been created that can allow computers to "think" and accomplish things that in some cases weren't dreamed about even 15 years ago. It is a revolution as big as PCs and the iPhone. AI allows a computer to try billions of different scenarios in ways a human mind couldn't that allows it to solve problems and come up with solutions that a brain may not consider or have the ability to consider.

How does AI and machine learning affect your business? In many ways it will become a game changer. Let's say you ship product around the country, autonomous trucks without drivers can drive 24 hours a day without drivers meaning you can move more product, faster and at a lower cost. Let's say you have a small chain of fast food restaurants and you have 3 cashiers at the counter 12 hours a day. You might be able to replace those cashiers with menu kiosks that allow users to pick and pay for the items they want to order. That kiosk could have facial recognition that would customize the menu experience based on past orders. It could also have a camera that would allow the AI to pickup on subtle visual ques that could tell if the customer was getting frustrated with the ordering experience and allow help prompts to be displayed to guide the user. Also, that same camera could determine age, race, gender and possibly even identify the user for demographic information to help with future marketing campaigns.

For your website, you could use AI to customize user experiences and present data to users that in the past could be very difficult. For example, AI may be able to help determine a users next step on a website based on tens of thousands of previous users experiences and then present new messages or offers based on that data. Let's say that AI discovers that when a user goes from page A to page B to page C and then back to page B then that user is 87% more likely than other users to leave the site. So maybe what you do is present an additional offer to that user or give them a new prompt that then drives new business. What AI does is it finds little patterns, that are sometimes imperceptible and then can come up with solutions for your desired result by testing hundreds to millions of different options.

One key thing is you need data and lots of it for AI to work. But if you have the data or can acquire the data through a third party then you have the means to have Pixo use AI and machine learning in ways that could completely change your business. Ask and Denver and Park City teams how!

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