Concrete5 Tutorial for Beginners

Oct 09, 2020

For concrete5 beginners we have two tutorial videos that have been extremely popular. In all, we've had more than 46,000 people watch our videos which is amazing. Thrilled to be able to give back to the community in this way. Our first video titled Full Concrete5 Training Video (Latest Version) is for the latest versions of concrete5. The Full Concrete5 Training Video is for concrete5 sites that are version 5.6 and earlier. Both videos give full details in an easy to learn way on the most important tasks that concrete5 beginners would use. The video even has information that more advanced concrete5 content management system users would appreciate. No technical knowledge required. Watch the tutorial video, play around with your new knowledge on your and build an incredible website. If you need help with your concrete5 website. Give us a call at 720.334.PIXO.

Category: Concrete5