Enterprise Website Development Services

Pixo has deep experience architecting, designing, developing, and maintaining large-scale, enterprise-level websites and applications.

Does your organization have a need for enterprise website development services in Denver, Colorado or Park City, Utah?  Pixo has over 15 years of experience working with universities, Fortune 500 companies, InsurTech and small to medium sized businesses with their online web application needs.  We are experts in concrete CMS development and .net application development.  

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Animations in Website Designs to Drive Conversions

Sometimes it is the little things in website User Experience (UX) that can drive conversions and the success of a website.  Animations within a website can not only add visual appeal for the user it can also give them visual cues to take action.  These little visual cues subtly tell the user to do something or draw the user's eye to call to action buttons, which helps get the user to do what ultimately you want for them to do:

For example, take a look at this demo web page:

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Concrete5 CMS changing Name to Concrete CMS

Was emailing with Franz, CEO of Concrete5,  a few weeks back and he had mentioned that they are changing the name of the concrete5 CMS to Concrete.   So when the new version 9 comes out the CMS will be called Concrete going forward.  

The new version 9 is a long time coming.  There has been something like 45 releases of version 8 since it was first released and it looks like it could be worth the wait.  One new feature is the new containers, which are a big improvement on the current layout tool.  For website designers and website owners it will make making modern website designs much easier and more cost effective.  Take a peek:

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Is Concrete5 any good?

Are you looking at different content management systems and wondering if Concrete5 is any good? The answers is yes and no.  Concrete5 is an excellent CMS to manage a website with.  It is very intuitive, easy to use and out of the box fairly powerful.  But will concrete5 work for your website needs?  Really it depends on what you want to do. 

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concrete5 vs Wordpress

Sometimes we get asked about different content management systems (CMS) and what CMS would be best for a client's website.  Two that we most frequently get asked about are Wordpress and Concrete5.  Here is the executive summary of what I tell clients.  Contact us and we can give you a free consultation to find the solution that works best for you.

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