concrete5 vs Wordpress

Feb 26, 2021

Sometimes we get asked about different content management systems (CMS) and what CMS would be best for a client's website. Two that we most frequently get asked about are Wordpress and Concrete5. Here is the executive summary of what I tell clients. Contact us and we can give you a free consultation to find the solution that works best for you.

Concrete5 Pros:

  • Very intuitive and easy for non-technical users to learn
  • Easy to develop against to enhance a website
  • Active development community
  • Inexpensive to build a website with
  • More secure than many CMS

Concrete5 Cons:

  • Not as many add-ons/plugins available as Wordpress has, but has all of the most commonly used add-ons
  • Not as many off the shelf themes available
  • Smaller developer community

Wordpress Pros:

  • Massive user base with a lot of plugins available so there is a lot of support and documentation as well as ways to enhance site functionality at a low cost
  • Many website design templates available
  • Excellent blogging tool
  • Inexpensive to build with

Wordpress Cons:

  • Very vulnerable to website hacks because it is the most targeted CMS by hackers
  • Not always intuitive to use
  • Sometimes a little more challenging to extend its functionality

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