Search Engine Optimization

We raise your presence.  Pixo's Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) get's your businesses to page #1 on Google for as little as $200 per month.

Advanced National & Local SEO Services:
homeseo.pngWe are famous for our search engine optimization services (SEO) and even prouder of our results.  Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization services begin with a full consultation, digging deep into your business goals and objectives.  Based on that discussion we use our Advanced Search Engine Optimization tools to build a local (i.e. Denver, Midway, Park City, Los Angeles) or national list of keywords, finding opportunities and holes in the search engines results where we can drive traffic to your website quickly.

Next, we use the latest techniques to optimize your website for your chosen keywords.  After that we begin offsite optimization for your website, building natural links that will be recognized by the search engines and drive traffic to your site.

Next, we optimize your social media to make sure things like Google Maps are properly in place and optimized so that your site gets found as many ways as possible.

Lastly, we report to you on a monthly basis how your keywords are ranking, what we did the previous month to build your keyword rankings and what we will be doing to build ranking the next month.  We also spend time talking with you about how website traffic is doing and how your business is being positively affected with the new organic search traffic.

We work with both small and large businesses to help them achieve their search engine optimization objectives.  Ski resorts, restaurants, law firms, spas and businesses of all types get real results with Pixo's Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

Get your website to page one on Google for only $200 per month for most sites (no gimmicks, that is the monthly fee after a one-time setup of $350 for most local websites and $600 for most national websites).  All of that with no long term contract.

For more information or a free SEO consultation please contact us at 720-334-PIXO, send us a request or get click the button on the bottom right of this page for a FREE instant SEO audit report for your website.

Premium SEO Services:
Our premium SEO services are for those clients who are in more competitive categories and who are looking for a little bit more to increase their visibility in the search engines. The Premium SEO services include all of the great SEO services found in our Advanced Search Engine Optimization but with content marketing, additional quality backlinks each month, social media optimization, reputation management and highly optimized blog posts that can either be added onsite or as a guest blog post on other websites. Our corporate partners have found higher rankings and greater viability in the search engines for a broader number of keywords when using the Premium SEO services from Pixo.

For more information or a free SEO consultation please contact us at 720-334-PIXO send us a request.

SEO Facts:

  • 96+% of Pixo's Premium & Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) clients find themselves on page one of Google within three months
  • According to one study, 68% of search engine users only click on the first page of search results
  • Google has a 65 percent market share of all search queries performed in the United States
  • 73% of people looking for a service, product, or information on the web will use a search engine
  • 64% of C-level execs conduct six or more searches per day to locate business information


For Sites Hit By Penguin or Sites that Used to Rank But are No Longer Ranking

If your site has been hit with either a manual penalty or a Google Penguin penalty we can help you get your site ranking again. If your site used to rank very well and then all of a sudden fell off of page #1 of Google there is a good chance your site has some kind of penalty applied to it. To get the problem(s) resolved we will use our sophisticated tools to evaluate your site, find bad backlinks and fix the problem.

If you need bad and unnatural backlinks removed from your site we can take care of that for you. Pixo has helped sites large and small recover from Google penalties and been able to get those sites back up on page #1 of Google. Let us know what we can do to help you!


"Pixo has been a great partner with Hammond Greetings on getting our website to the top of page #1 for our keywords on Google. They also have done an amazing job with our social media campaigns. Prior to Pixo we just did not have the time to do social media in an effective way. Now we are finding new business online because of Pixo's great efforts."
– Whitney Hammond
Hammond Greetings