Cutting Edge Website User Interface Design

UI Design that is practical, professional, experiential & drives new business

When our website artisans start a new website design there are a lot of factors we take a look at.  First we start with an understanding of your business.  Understanding your challenges, opportunities and goals that you have for your website.  Next we get a feel for your brand and how you want to position yourself in the marketplace.  Last, but not least, we ask you a lot about your preferences and what type of design styles you prefer as well as what you target audience prefers.

After that a lot of work and experience comes into play for you website design.  Each and every website we build is based on real world testing as well as focus group testing we've done to better understand how users use websites and what drives conversions.  This is called experiential design.  We don't only want your website to look professional but to also drive results and allow your design to grow with your business over time.   Too often we see website designs that were built to look very nice, but aren't functional for the user, don't have focal points and don't allow the business to make the necessary adjustments that all websites should go through to evolve with business goals and objectives.


Take this heat map of the Pixo homepage as an example.  The hotter colors in this heat map show were a user's eye will tend to gaze based on the design.  Since we are a website design and social media company we would want our users to focus on those two pieces of the homepage and more importantly we want our users to get off the homepage and go deeper into the website so we can start interacting with our site visitors in more interesting ways.  As you can see our design meets those objectives.


A properly done design can easily increase sales by 15% in most cases or more.  Creating focal points in a website design is just one way that we can help you increase conversions and build brand awareness.

Want to learn more how a Pixo designed website can help your business?  Call for a free consultation to get our website design artisans working for you!