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Artisan-crafted Web Design, Concrete5 Themes & Web Development

Experiential website design is something that we are passionate about.  What we love to do, before even starting a new website design, is to dig deep into our client's business goals and needs.  Our website design artisans want to understand your business, your users and business challenges even before developing a professional looking design so we make sure that what we build is going to have the greatest impact possible on your business. 

From our interviews with you, a picture starts to develop and a design takes shape that takes advantage of the latest best practices, statistical analysis and cutting-edge user interface design (learn more) that solves your challenges and creates business opportunities. We don't just do a design that is pretty, we do a design that helps your customers find what they need, builds confidence in your brand and increases sales.  That is what we mean when we talk about strategic website design.

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New Website Development & Consultation

Perfect for Small/Medium Sized Businesses. Complete Website With Hosting Included for Around $1,000
We love the opportunity to build brand new websites from the ground up.  Being able to help you figure out exactly what you need, not only for now but for the next 5 years is part of the services that we offer when we build a new website.  If you need a mobile website as part of your new website, eCommerce, social media integration or something more, we can help you build it all now or in phases as your business needs change.  Call us now for a free consultation to discuss what Pixo can do to create for you the ultimate business or personal website. Also, ask about our small business website packages that include hosting, website security, email, content management and training at a discounted price.

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Re-build / Redesign Your Website

Put New Life into that Old Website to Drive New Business for Around $650
Have a website that has gotten tired, out of date or just isn't keeping up with your needs? We can help!

Let us setup a free consultation to work together on what you can do to take your site to the next step (or maybe two or three steps!). Whether you need a website redesign, new tools, search engine optimization, content management so you can update your website yourself or our exclusive Target Site™ technology we have a solution that will go to work for you. Please call us today at 720-334-PIXO or send us a request.

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Pixo's Concrete5 eCommerce shopping cart systems are easy to use, secure, flexible and expandable.

Integrated with our Concrete5 content management system, our eCommerce tools allow you to quickly and easily manage your online product catalogs, apply shopping carts, take online payments using a variety of online payment systems, get real time shipping quotes and generate revenues for your business. We would love to show you how our eCommerce systems can work for you and come up with a customized strategy for your needs! Ask about our add-on to export your products into Google Products (aka Google Shopping) to expand your online market.  Please call us today at 720-334-PIXO or send us a request.

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Responsive Mobile Websites

Take your Concrete5 website to the next level with integrated mobile technology that displays a mobile version of your website or a responsive version of your website on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android or iPad.

Pixo offers a number of mobile solutions starting at as little as $100. Please call us today at 720-334-PIXO or send us a request for a free consultation.

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Concrete5 Themes

A Concrete5 theme is a template or website design that works with the Concrete5 content management system.  Our website artisans can work build you a customized theme for a new Concrete5 website or can modify existing themes so it has the exact, professional look that you want.

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About the Concrete5 Content Management System

Add pages, edit text, integrate forms, add slide shows, integrate YouTube video and upload photos to your website with our flexible and easy to use Concrete5 content management system (CMS). These great CMS tools can be added to enhance almost any existing website or can be added to new websites.

With Concrete5 you get a robust but flexible content management system that allows you to take control of your website and online marketing. Concrete5 makes running a website easy! Go to any page in your site and an editing toolbar gives you all the controls you need to update or add to your website. No intimidating manuals, no complicated administration interfaces - just point and click. Complete control of your website without any technical knowledge required. Add pages, delete pages, upload photos, and add video to your website through super easy to use online tools. Take control of your website with Concrete5! Learn more about Concrete5 or our Concrete5 custom website design services.

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Web Development

If you need web development services you have come to the right place.  For over 10 years we have built custom PHP, ASP & code to create unique user experiences, interactive tools, databases and search tools for more websites than we can count.  If you need a custom Concrete5 block or changes to an existing add-on we can help you with that.

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SiteTarget™ Website Personalization

Pixo's SiteTarget™ is a unique technology that allows you to personalize and focus the messaging on your website based on the keywords that were used when your site was found in Google.

Let's say you are a Realtor® and you know that most of your business comes from three local communities. You also know that when people are searching for homes in those communities they tend to use those community names as the keywords in the search engines. Wouldn't it be powerful to have your homepage messaging change from "Colorado's Real Estate Leader" to "Cherry Creek's Real Estate Leader" when someone typed 'Cherry Creek Real Estate' into Google and came to your site!?

That kind of targeted messaging is powerful to users because the user's experience is based on their intent which reduces the bounce rate. It tells the user that you understand what they need and encourages them to go deeper into your site. That is what SiteTarget does for you!  It allows you to customize the website to your user's needs. For example, using the example above, not only could you have custom messaging on your homepage with SiteTarget but you could also have the real estate search box already pre populated with "Cherry Creek" and maybe you could offer a special pricing discount that is unique to each community you wish to use SiteTarget for.

The options are endless with SiteTarget. We would love to show you how SiteTarget can work for your business and come up with a customized strategy for your needs! Please call us today at 720-334-PIXO or send us a request.


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"We chose Pixo because of their experience with the Concrete5 content management system and because their portfolio of design work matched the professional look we wanted for our website. What we got exceeded our expectations. The website design was everything we hoped for and Pixo took the time to help us build new strategies that we anticipate will take our law firm's online marketing to new levels."

Michael Mitchel
Mitchell Law Group