2020 in Review; What a Ride!

Dec 18, 2020

Here I am reflecting on the past year with a grateful heart. We more than survived 2020, but thrived. That I am very grateful for. We've watched so many companies suffer through the pandemic and many not survive. Not one of Pixo's clients that I'm aware of had to permanently shutter their doors this year, which is amazing! We work with some remarkable organizations. And we watched many of our clients transform in some very interesting ways. Streaming video offerings and upgraded websites were a big part of what we saw our clients doing to better support their customers.

Remember how at the beginning of the pandemic you got dozens if not more emails from businesses with their COVID statements. We sent out our own, but a couple of weeks before most of those emails. We saw the handwriting on the wall, had warned about the possibilities the September prior and rolled up our sleeves, started consulting our clients through their online marketing efforts and it saw results. We learned from the 2008 Great Recession and started passing that experience on to our customers how enhance their website presence in ways to reach more markets and retain customers.

We look forward to 2021. We don't expect it to be easy. Your competition has streamlined their businesses during the past year and everyone is ready to sprint to the finish. Let us show you how to get an advantage with our website development, website design, content management and search engine optimization (SEO) services. Give us a call at 720-334-7496 for a free consultation.

Category: Website Design