Forbes Writer Recognizes Pixo VPs Work in Mommy Blogger Social Media and It's Value

Oct 16, 2012

Forbes writer Victor Lipman wrote an article today about Pixo Vice President Amber Johnson's speech in Steamboat this last weekend about the effectiveness of mommy blogging social media campaigns. You can read the entire article here. To quote Mr Lipman in his Forbes article:

"I spent a bit of time perusing their websites, and the reasons for their popularity were quickly apparent. Mothers often do much of the vacation planning and the sites were full of helpful, useful travel details...Here, the ski mommy bloggers are effectively going from the micro to the macro, connecting with individuals while also getting out their message to the broader universe. All with credibility, interactivity and a nice personal touch."

Amber's founding of The Denver Post's Mile High Mamas and work with unique mommy sites like Park City Resort's Snow Mamas since its early beginnings has given Amber unique insights into the power and positioning of mommy bloggin campaigns. She has worked with many well known brands over the years which gives Pixo a scope and breadth of understanding of social media that we believe few other organizations fully have in the area of mommy blogging.

What Mr. Lipman notes and the secret that we share is that mom's and particularly mommy bloggers are a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere. A credible mommy blogger talking about a product or service has a powerful impact on other mom’s. Why is a mom visiting the Park City Resort’s Snow Mamas website 10 times more likely to take action on a purchase? Pixo and Park City Resort’s Kista Perry have known for years that social media can increase awareness, build credibility, and reputation if you are honest and let moms know what they want to know.

To learn how social media and mommy blogger campaigns can help your business drop us a note.