What is a CMS and How Concrete5 Can Help Your Business

Dec 14, 2012

A CMS or Content Management System is a tool that is used to manage a website's content. Content usually includes the text and images on a website. Using a CMS you can add, edit or delete content on a website and typically it allows you add and delete pages of a website. A CMS such as Concrete5 gives someone without technical knowledge to make changes to a website.

A basic CMS will allow you to make easy updates. A more featured one will allow many more functions, including membership management, forum integration, controlled access to specific parts of the site, gallery or cart integration, and much more. In fact, features that used to be very expensive are now amazingly affordable. Clients are perpetually surprised at how much value they can get from a CMS because it literally allows you to be in control of your businesses online marketing.

Watch this short video to see how simple managing a website can be with Concrete5.


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