How to Fix Mobile Usability Issues Found on a Concrete5 Website

You may have recently received a warning message from Google Webmaster Tools indicating the your website was not mobile-friendly or you may have recently heard how Google is changing their search algorithm and now it is more important than ever to have a mobile friendly website.  We started talking about this on this blog back in November and it will be more important than ever starting April 2015 to have your website ready for these changes.


Sometimes some of the things Google has required website owners to do in our opinion hasn't always been fair. In this case we believe that Google is doing most websites a favor in telling website owners to make their websites mobile friendly.  We see many of our clients with traffic from mobile devices higher than 50% of their total website traffic.  Over 50% of searches on Google are done on mobile devices and that number if climbing.  By having a mobile friendly website you are creating the best user experience for your site visitors which will help reduce bounce rate and increase conversions.

There are different types of mobile sites and we offer most of them.  However, for most Concrete5 site owners we recommend using a responsive website design.  Responsive websites allow a site owner to have just one site to update and it gives site visitors on mobile devices a great user experience.  Making your website responsive can be as simple as converting your current website theme to a responsive design or adding a new theme to your website such as Pixo's Epic theme.  The nominal cost to update your theme will pay off in better rankings for your website and happier site visitors which could increase your business.

Ask us how to fix mobile usability issues found on your website and what might be the best mobile solution for your Concrete5 site.

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