What an Amazing Year 2017 Has Been

Dec 20, 2017

When I first started writing this post, I wasn't sure what I would be writing about. But as I started thinking about what we did this year we accomplished some amazing things. Late last year we opened up our new office in Midway, Utah, just outside of Park City. We continue to do great stuff in Denver, working with some very innovative companies and doing unique campaigns. I think some of the most interesting projects we did in 2017 were for clients around the United States. A couple were the first websites on their kind for their industry and are already having very interesting results.

I'm pretty sure we've launched more websites in 2017 than any year in the past. But what I'm most proud of is how the team has made some significant impacts for a lot of different businesses to increase their revenues and brand awareness. Bottom line, that is the most important thing to me. It is more than just building a well designed website or increasing search engine optimization ranking, but reaching the goals that clients have set for us and making an impact.

I'm really excited for 2018. There are some innovate new things we've been working on and looking forward to the opportunities we have next year to launch some of those new strategies and technologies.

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Category: Online Marketing