Concrete5 CMS Team Announces End of Life for Version 6

If you have a concrete5 websites that is version 6 or older then now is the time to upgrade to version 8.   The concrete5 team has announced it will no longer be supporting version 6 and older concrete5 versions after 8/24/2019 and they will no longer be selling version 6 add-ons and themes after November 22nd of this year.

The latest versions of concrete5 have many enhancement and security features that make the upgrade to version 8 worthwhile.   Not only that, but you will be able to continue to enhance your website going forward to the latest versions and add-ons.  Although you cannot upgrade from version 6 directly to version 8, the transition for most websites is made relatively easy using tools that the Pixo team has to transfer your website.

Contact us today for a free quote to upgrade your concrete5 website to version 8 and ask about additional enhancements you should make during the transition to get the most out of your concrete5 website.

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