Why Wordpress 5.0 is Going to Cause Headaches for Many & it Might be the Time for a Change

Sep 17, 2018

Have you heard about the new Wordpress 5.0 changes that are coming. For some it will be an improvement (Wordpress has been falling behind for years), but for others it is going to force some pretty radical changes that won't be compatible with their current website. At Pixo, we have experience with those changes and can guide you through them. Some business owners might find the new Wordpress 5.0 changes to be welcome. For some websites making content updates in widgets and the like isn't ideal and the new changes will make updating a website faster and more intuitive. More like making changes on a Wix or Square Space website, but without the limits.

For others these changes are going to cause some headaches and you may not know what the issues will be until after you've upgraded to Wordpress 5.0. Why? Because many themes and plugins will not be compatible with 5.0 when it launches and as a result it could break your website. We can help you sort through that, but you need to be aware before making any upgrades.

  • Some plugins could stop working
  • There may be layout issues, particularly in older Wordpress themes
  • Special page scripts or unique styles in the current editor will need to be converted.

So what should you do? If you aren't happy with your current website you may want to consider other options like concrete5 for your website. If your website works well for you, but is older, talk to us and we can help you sort through the best way to upgrade and test your current website so that an upgrade won't impact your business. If you have a new Wordpress website that is using the latest Wordpress standards an upgrade may not cause you many challenges, but talk to us first, because it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your business.

Category: Website Design