Why a WIX Website Will Cost Your Business Thousands of Dollars

Jul 17, 2018

I've seen it more than once. A new business builds a website on a website builder service like WIX, Square Space or Godaddy because it is an "inexpensive" way to build a website. They spend a fair amount of time on that site and over time build it out as their business grows, investing a fair amount of time into it. Then new business opportunities come up and they get stuck. They need to integrate with 3rd parties or add enhancements that simple services like WIX can't handle. Basically you have no access to the source code. You are allowed to do what their tools offer and that is about it. If you need something to work in a specific way, integrate with partners or customize behaviors on the website you simply can't do it. Now you've invested possibly hundreds of hours into a website that essentially you just have to scrap and start on a new website that has the flexibility to grow with your business over time. When considering your online marketing strategy make sure you don't paint yourself into a corner and make a small investment now that will save you thousands of dollars in time or lost business later and allow your business to grow.

Category: Website Design