Concrete5 Multi-Site

May 31, 2020

Pixo is one of the only agencies who has access to the unreleased new concrete5 multi-site. With concrete5 multi-site you can have technically an unlimited number of websites hosted in a single concrete5 installation, each having their own domain name. Concrete5 mutli-site has been used by the U.S. Army for years and more recently BASF and Iowa State University has chosen Pixo to setup over 200 websites for the Iowa State Libraries utilizing multi-site. The new concrete5 multi-site is an enterprise ready application that also works nicely for smaller organizations. It works just like concrete5, because it is concret5. The main difference is that you can setup different installations, each having their own sitemap and then utilizing Advanced Permissions give control to each site owner over their site or pieces of their site, that can share resources with other sites. This is a game changer for organizations that have more than one website, but don't want have to deal with the maintenance or cost of having multiple sites. Also, SSO becomes much easier with multi-site.

If your organization could use the advantages of multi-site contact Pixo today at 720.334.7496 for a full demonstration of how concrete5 multis-site can work for you.

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