Concrete5 Themes

Sep 17, 2019

One of the best things about concrete5 themes (aka website template / website design) is that they can look any way you want in concrete5. There really is no limit to where you can take your website. When we built a custom concrete5 theme for a website, we look at a number of different things and usually are designs are quite different.

First thing we do with a new concrete5 theme is get your input. We want to understand your business challenges and opportunities. The information we gather at this stage typically is going to drive the design. We will also probably give you a number of ideas that you may not of thought of during this stage. You can consider us your website consultants.

Next, we utilize, leverage and develop tools that enhance the user experience and help you reach your target markets. We've built websites that have completely transformed companies business strategies by allowing them to do more things better.

Next we tap into our years of experience and testing. Often times subtle changes, color usage, visual cues, messaging, layout and search engine optimization can not only increase your sales but save you money in the future by anticipating your future needs and making the design flexible enough to expand with your ever changing business needs. Our value comes not only from being great designers, but user experience consultants, that help you drive revenue.

If you have a vision we can build it for you. Or if you need a vision for your website design, call us at 720.334.7496 and our website design consultants can help you today come up with the perfect concrete5 theme for you.

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