Insurtech Development Services

Pixo has been a leader in the insurtech development services space for over seven years, developing applications, APIs and websites to support the innovation needs of the life insurance industry.  Insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to add efficiency and squeeze out savings from insurance processing models.  Whether you are looking for STP, integrations of divergent APIs, creating workflow systems, machine learning, CRM integrations, integrations with iPipeline, life insurance quoting and application systems or custom website design we can help you move the needle through our consulting and development services.

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Concrete5 White Label Website Services for Agencies

Are you a marketing agency that wants to offer websites to your clients or a website design agency that has a concrete5 website that you need help with?  You've come to the right place.  Pixo Web Design & Strategy offers white label website design and development services for concrete5 and Wordpress websites.  We work with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and can help you with any size project.  Design, development, SEO and social media marketing are our specialties.  We can do as much or as little as you like to help your clients campaign to be a complete success.  We have over 10 years of experience working with the concrete5 CMS and can work within your budget to get you exactly what your client needs.  Give us a call today at 720.334.7496 to get started now.

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How to add Security to Your Concrete5 & Wordpress Website

These days, adding security to your website is more important than ever.  Website hackers are in full force, trying to find security holes in your website, doing brute force attacks to login to your site or doing malicious activity like doing DDOS attacks to make your website inaccessible.  You need a three fold strategy to keep your website secure. Website security is not just for big enterprise websites.  Small to medium sized websites also need security to keep the bad guys out.  If you've even had to deal with a badly hacked website it can waste hours if not days of your time which reduce productivity and sales.  A small investment up front can save you a LOT of time later.

In this article, we aren't going to cover specific details to secure your concrete5 or Wordpress website.  Every site can be a little different.  What we are going to cover is high level activities that can be used by both enterprise websites and smaller websites.  Good security doesn't have a one pill fixes all strategy.  It is multi-pronged.  And these are the security tips we recommend all sites use:

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Concerned About a Business Slow-down? 5 Things to Do Now on Your Website Guaranteed to Ignite Your Business.

During the 2008 recession a lot of businesses came to Pixo looking for ways to ignite their marketing after their marketing budgets had been slashed.  They needed solutions and they needed them fast.  What we learned in 2008 applies to the COVID-19 economic slowdown that we face today.  The best thing you can do is to act fast.  Your best friend is to be ahead of the situation and be well positioned for when things see an upturn.  The following are tips and marketing recommendations that can work for all businesses.

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5 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make with their Website


Over the years we've talked with and helped 1,000+ different business owners with their websites. Everything from website design, to eCommerce to search engine optimization.  In interviewing business owners I've found there is a pattern that develops when it comes to their perception of the value of their website and their opportunities from it.  Often times websites either start out bad or start out good, but fail to keep up with the competition  over time. These are the top five mistakes that business owners make with their websites.

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15% of Millennials Say they Never Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses (12% change in just 1 Year)!

In 2019, the percentage of millennials who said they never used the internet to find local businesses rose to an astonishing 15% (up from just 3% the year before).  This is a remarkable change in usage.  And this survey was done year-over-year with the same survey group.  Why the wild change in usage?  It isn't quite clear yet.  One possible answer is semantics.  It might be how millennials perceive the phrase “use the internet to find local businesses.”  It might be that they look at that phrase to meaning only using the web browser rather than other apps, voice controlled smart devices and other similar internet enabled devices.  It might also mean that alternatives to directory type listings are being used, like social media recommendations.  Also, make sure you are doing what you need to locally to compete with apps like Amazon.  To Millennials Amazon is just as “local” with two-day shipping and may be perceived as more convenient then driving to a local business.  So, most businesses that are product based need to consider online retailers as their competition.   Either way, what a local business owner needs to realize is that young people’s usage is transforming and their perceptions of the best places to get local business information is evolving. 

What should a local business do?

  • Make sure that your Google My Business listing is on the top of the list and optimized properly.  This will help drive traffic from map listings.
  • Get more active on social media to get in front of young people and interact with them.  Don’t necessarily try to sell them but build community and gain a voice.  Also, do hash tag type of campaigns, contests and special offers to build interaction.
  • Go where the young people are going.  YouTube, Yelp and other outlets can be used to drive traffic back to you website and/or store.
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